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Rose Quartz Tower
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Gemstone Intention kits

How and why do you set an intention?

Setting an intention is similar to setting a goal and can be incorporated into your existing morning ritual.

Hold the stone in your dominant hand against your heart and focus on your intention for a moment while breathing deeply.

  • Create a positive mantra (I am grateful, I am healing, I am energized etc).
  • Verbally share your intention with yourself.
  • Meditate or create a ritual.
  • Ask for what you want and then let go.
  • Remind yourself daily.

Tuck the stone into your pocket, leave it under your pillow while sleeping, place it on your desk or counter at home to help build the relationship with yourself and your intention.

A large part of setting an intention is getting specific with what you want and how you’ll feel once you get it. These emotions will help manifest your dreams by making them feel more real and possible.