ATTENTION Special NOTE!!! We have moved into a new Loyalty Rewards Program. “Perkville” (our old platform) will be dead to us as of February 28th 2019. Don’t fret! All your Perkville points will roll over into the new flashy system! Easy Peasy!!!


OR next time you are at checkout in Freyja, we will walk you through the new super quick sign up for the new Loyalty Rewards system and your points from Perkville will appear like magic! 

Why did we switch, because this new system is WAY better for YOU! We can see your rewards right at checkout now and if you really want to view and track your points, you can do so on the app which can be added easily to your iPhone wallet. Trust us, we did this for you guys!!

hello@kootenayboutique.com or TEXT 250-423-0713

At Freyja we are pleased to present our Loyalty Rewards Program to you. Why? Because your business really matters to us and we are very appreciative of you! We LOVE you!


Next time you are at the checkout in our shop, we will sign you up!

You’ll earn 50 points just for joining!

Here is how you can rack up points:

  • Get 50 bonus points just for signing up!
  • Every dollar spent is 1 point
  • Points for entering your Birthday

Here are JUST some of the Rewards!

  • 100 Points for $5 OFF
  • 500 Points for $20 OFF
  • $20 off on your Birthday
  • Bamboo Leggings on us!


How will I know when I’ve earned points? 

When you come to the shop, our system will track your points and you can totally check them out on the couch at home on your phone. Our Loyalty Rewards app can be added to your iPhone Wallet!


What if I want to shop online?

Email us what Reward you’d like to use for our online shop and we will email you back a special coupon code to use online! hello@kootenayboutique.com


If I give you my email will you spam me?

No, Freyja nor Lightspeed will not share your address. Only necessary emails will be sent that pertain to your account.


Fine Print:

Loyalty Rewards can be used, once per day per customer. Cannot be combined with another promotion and sadly cannot be used on big sale event days like Black Friday or Boxing Week.

We will need a phone number and email for the account. You cannot claim points when purchasing Gift Cards, points can be claimed when Gift Cards are being used to make a purchase.

Some Rewards can only be used once every 30 days.


Please enjoy the rewards you’ve earned them!!

Any further clarification, just come chat with us in the shop or shoot us a text/email  🙂