About Us

Here in the Kootenays women are Wild, Ageless, Real & Beautiful. We are inspired by such people and we style them.

Best job in the world!!

How did it all begin?

Freyja Lifestyle Fashion opened its doors June 29th 2007. The line-ups were huge and the mojitos were flowing. At the time it was a pretty small operation, and the owner Chantel Vincent had no idea what she was getting into. What started out as a small side project, grew into Fernie’s Number #1 fashion house!

Freyja, she named her store after, is a Norse Goddess. She is the goddess of love, sex, fertility, beauty, gold, war and death. Basically the biggest bad ass goddess out there. Why not name your store after that? Right? Maybe a little of her bad-assery will rub off on all of us. (Pronounced Fray-ahh, silent “j”)